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With the Home Energy Scotland grant, you can get up to £16,500 to install a heat pump.

Wondering if heat pump grants in Scotland are available? The good news is yes. The Home Energy Scotland grant can help with the cost of installing both heat pumps and energy efficiency improvements. Those who live in England and Wales can get funding under the Boiler Upgrade Scheme with a £7,500 grant to switch from a gas boiler. While in Scotland, there’s a £7,500 or £9,000 grant and £7,500 interest-free loan individuals can apply for.

How much funding is available with Home Energy Scotland?

Get £15,000 in funding

Residents in Scotland can access up to £15,000 in funding to install a heat pump. This includes a £7,500 grant and a £7,500 interest-free loan.

Get £16,500 in funding

Residents living in rural areas in Scotland may me eligible for up to £16,500 in funding. £9,000 is a grant and £7,500 is an interest-free loan.

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Home Energy Scotland heat pump grant

Does the Home Energy Scotland grant cover heat pumps?

Yes, the grant covers heat pump installs and more. Grant funding for heat pumps in Scotland is up to £7,500 or £9,000 for households which qualify for a rural uplift. Find out more about the financial support available for heat pump installations in Scotland.

Is the Home Energy Scotland scheme a grant or loan?

It’s both. And we’ll explain below.

You’ll get a funded grant towards the cost of your energy efficient improvements and the remainder can be taken up as an optional interest-free loan. For example, your heat pump installation costs £10,000. You’ll receive a grant of £7,500 and can borrow £2,500 as an interest-free loan.

What does the Home Energy Scotland grant and loan cover?

The Scottish Government funds the Home Energy Scotland grant and loan funding scheme. The scheme provides a grant for heat pumps in Scotland, but additional funding is available for other home improvements like insulation and solar.

You can access the following funding:

Heat pump installs in Scotland

Get £16,500 towards a heat pump. You'll get a £7,500 grant and £7,500 as an optional loan. If your household qualifies for rural uplift, you'll get a £9,000 grant and a £7,500 optional loan.

Energy efficient upgrades in Scotland

You can get a grant to cover up to 75% of the combined cost of improvements to increase home energy efficiency. You’ll get up to £7,500 as a grant, or £9,000 if the household qualifies for the rural uplift.

Energy storage systems in Scotland

Interest-free loans of £6,000 are available for energy storage systems including solar panels, water heating systems and more. Funding is only available for this measure if taken as a package of measures.

How do I repay the Home Energy Scotland loan?

Depending on the loan amount will determine the time you have to repay the loan:

  • Under £5,000: 5 years
  • £5,000 – £9,999: 10 years
  • More than £10,000: 12 years

How do I apply for the Home Energy Scotland scheme?

Funding is on a first-come, first-served basis. Get a quote from an MCS-registered installer, then fill out a form on the Home Energy Scotland website. When you’re funding offer is approved, work on can go ahead.

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