EV Chargepoint Grant

The EV chargepoint grant is claimed on behalf of flat owner-occupiers and people living in rented properties.

EV chargepoint grant for renters and landlords

The EV Chargepoint Grant provides up to a 75% contribution to the cost of an electric car charger and its installation. The grant cap is set at £350 including VAT, per installation. Find out more about the EV charging scheme and if this is applicable to you.

Are there any EV charging grants available?

Yes, the good news is that EV charging grants are available to flat owners, renters, landlords and social housing providers. The EV Chargepoint Grants replaced the Electric Vehicle Homecharge Scheme (EVHS) on 1 April 2022, and this new scheme focuses on funding for flat owners, renters, landlords and social housing providers.

EV Chargepoint Grant for flat owners and renters

The scheme is administered by your installer (and that can include us), who will need to confirm that you own the property. If you’re renting a property, the name and address of the person or entity letting the property will need to be provided.

Other requirements also need to be met, including:

  • You must have purchased, or have on order, an eligible vehicle that is listed on the OZEV vehicle list.
  • You must also meet the vehicle ownership requirements
  • The charger must be OZEV approved
  • You need to use an OZEV approved installer
EV charger grants
Project EV electric car charger

EV Chargepoint Grant for Landlords

If you’re a landlord, there are two grants available for installing electric vehicle chargepoints at a property you own:

EV chargepoint grant

Under the EV chargepoint grant, each financial year, you can get up to:

These can be across several properties and installations or for one property.

EV infrastructure grant

An EV infrastructure grant gives landlords money off the cost of wider building and installation work for multiple chargepoint sockets. The work can be for sockets you want to install now and in the future with the grant covering things like wiring and posts.

With the EV infrastructure grant you can get:

  • Up to £30,000 or 75% off the cost of the work
  • Up to 30 infrastructure grants each financial year
  • Each infrastructure grant must be used for a different property
Workplace Charging Scheme (WCS)
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