Local Authority Flexible Eligibility (LA Flex)

The Local Authority Flexible Eligibility, often shortened to LA Flex, is a part of the UK Government’s ECO Scheme.

What is the LA Flex Funding Scheme?

LA Flex, also known as Local Authority Eligibility Flexibility, helps homeowners or private tenants with the installation of home energy efficiency measures. LA Flex is available to those who aren’t in receipt of tested means benefits but are living in fuel poverty or are on low income and vulnerable to living in a cold home. The application process for LA Flex will be carried out by ourselves on behalf of you the customer.

There are several eligibility routes including:

• Low income (under £31,000) eligibility
• Health/vulnerable eligibility
• Bespoke targeting eligibility

Your home also needs an EPC rating of D-G (this varies for certain eligibility routes).

Simply complete the form below to find out if you are eligible for LA Flex…

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LA Flex Scheme

What funding is available on the LA Flex Scheme?

LA Flex is set out by Local Authorities to help increase the number of properties that can benefit from grants for heating and insulation. This scheme is an extension of the UK government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme, and it allows local authorities to set their own criteria for eligibility on funding for domestic energy efficiency measures.

Under the LA Flex scheme we can help provide you with potential home insulation and heating improvements if you’re eligible. This includes:

What makes LA Flex different to the ECO scheme?

LA Flex allows for more funding given to Local Authorities to identify those who fall short of the eligibility for the ECO scheme but would benefit from added insulation or heating measures. It’s essentially the same scheme, with a different application process.

The looser set of rules will result in the same thing for you. This could be a free boiler replacement, new cavity wall insulation or solid wall insulation. There are different rules for different Local Authorities for LA Flex, but we take the stress away from you and sort this on your behalf.

free heating measures
LA Flex Scheme

How to apply for the LA Flex scheme?

You may qualify for a free ECO grant under LA Flex. If you want to check your eligibility, simply fill out our application form, and one of the team will be in touch.

Measures under LA Flex often come at no cost to you, and there are many benefits to having them installed at your home, including:

  • Lowering your carbon emissions
  • Lowering your energy bills
  • Mould, humidity and draughts will no longer be an issue
  • Adding value to the property
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Why choose All Seasons Energy?

All Seasons Energy have over 50 years of experience in the energy efficiency industry and are widely recognised as one of the UK’s most trusted installers. We are fully MCS accredited, TrustMark approved and a proud HIES member (HIES is a consumer protection organisation that regulates and guarantees that all of our work and customer service is carried out to the highest standard). This means that all projects are fully protected and completed by our accredited tradesmen.

If you would like to understand how our products could improve the energy efficiency in your home, please book an appointment to visit our showroom, alternatively video demonstrations and video showroom tours are available. Our head office, based in Sheffield, has been designed and fitted-out to showcase the latest eco-energy technologies.