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Are you a housing developer looking to install renewable and energy saving systems in new build homes? Let us help you!

The government’s mission is to improve carbon reduction and sustainability in the UK, and now is the time for housing developers to plan for homes with solar panels to air source heat pumps. It will become your responsibility as a housing developer to factor in the environment when building new homes.

solar panels housing developers

Energy saving measures for housing developers

The homes of the future need to be planned and designed to use the latest renewable technology. They need to be fully insulated to prevent heat escaping. Buyers are realising the importance of a sustainable home and it is something that will make or break a sale.

At All Seasons Energy we work with housing developers and architects to deliver renewable energy and energy saving measures for new build projects. We can be involved from the planning stage right up to install, and handover. Our involvement at planning allows us to advise on electrical and plumbing requirements from the start, ensuring extra work is not required completed to the install.

What you should be looking to install as a housing developer or architect?

Quality insulation is key to reducing heat loss. Without sufficient insulation, heat is lost through the roof, walls, windows, doors, and floors. This causes the heating system to work harder which costs more money and results in wasted energy.

Air source heat pumps
The UK government have committed to reducing carbon emissions, and a ban on gas boilers in new homes aims to come into force in 2035. Air source heat pumps will become the preferred sustainable method of heating a property over traditional gas boilers.

Solar panels and battery storage
Solar panels and solar battery storage are in high demand and there’s no surprise with rising electricity costs. The electricity generated can be used for powering appliances, an air source heat pump or electric vehicle chargers.

Electric vehicle (EV) charge point
There’s no doubt that electric vehicles are on the rise – more electric vehicles were sold in 2021 than the previous five years combined. Housing developers should be looking to install EV chargers as standard. Pairing an EV charger with solar panels will save the future homeowners money and reduce the property’s carbon footprint further.

All these energy efficient measures will increase the value and saleability of a house, whilst also raising your profile and reputation as a forward thinking housing developer. It lets local authorities and buyers know where you stand with regards to reducing carbon emissions and portraying a positive attitude towards the environment.

air source heat-pumps housing developers

How we can help housing developers

We work with housing developers and architects to improve the quality and sustainability of the homes they build and sell. By involving us at an early stage, we can help you with planning first fix electric and plumbing requirements, and suitable positioning, for the renewable technologies of your choice. We will also provide you with full performance calculations based on different systems and predicted future energy savings.

Not only do we have the experience and knowledge working with housing developers, but we are an award winning team with excellent relationships and direct contracts with all major suppliers. We are accredited by the UK’s leading compliance and regulatory organisations, so all our projects are fully protected and completed to the highest standard by our accredited tradesmen. If you’re a housing developer and would like further information on reducing energy usage, please contact us on 01909 771 838, or email

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With over 50 years of experience within the renewable power and heat industry, All Seasons Energy is widely recognised as one of the UK’s most trusted installers of home and business efficiency improvements. We are fully MCS accredited, TrustMark approved and a proud HIES member (HIES is a consumer protection organisation that regulates and guarantees that all of our work and customer service is carried out to the highest standard). This means that all projects are fully protected and completed by our accredited tradesmen.

If you would like to understand how our products could improve the energy efficiency in your home, please book an appointment to visit our showroom, alternatively video demonstrations and video showroom tours are available. Our head office, based in Sheffield, has been designed and fitted-out to showcase the latest eco-energy technologies.